Font Rebnick

Eine Sans-Serif Schrift gestaltet von mr. Die Ink Traps verleihen dem Font bei entsprechender Schriftgrösse einen eigenen Charakter. 

Jeder Schnitt von Rebnick umfasst 333 Glyphen. 

Die Schrift ist direkt bei mr ( erhältlich oder via

Structured, ordered and balanced. But it isn’t your ordinary structured, ordered and well-balanced font. Rebnick is a sans serif typeface where in the early design process, the adjacent stems and bars weren’t weld seamlessly and perfectly. You can actually find glitches which were carefully transformed into a custom language in it’s own and later became the coherent generic rule that keeps everything together. In display sizes, the ink traps give the font’s own character, while in small text sizes they create a good legibility and a well-balanced ratio between the black and white spaces.

Each style of Rebnick has 333 glyphs and the font supports over 80 languages.

You can purchase the font Rebnick from mr ( or from

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